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How it all started

Produced and bottled in Denmark

“It’s easy to make gin but the process of making a great gin takes time and dedication”

The great taste of Circus Gin is created by focusing on our base spirit and the quality of our botanicals.

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The perfect Gin & Tonic

Circus Gin is a Danish Premium gin distilled on a traditional copper still, which unlike large commercial “column stills” gives a more intense taste and round feel. Founded in 2018 with focus on quality.

We use the infusion method “infusion box”, which means our *botanicals are in a basket inside the copper boiler. The alcohol vapors gently extract the taste of our botanicals and the fresh and pure taste of Circus Gin is founded. All this magic happens in a small distillery located in a city named Kolding, Denmark.

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Which one is your preferred taste?

The one

“Some say less is more. A gin with a very light juniper taste. Smooth and with great citrus”. An elegant, aromatic and well-balanced gin. Refreshing and with a light taste of juniper berries makes it easy to enjoy for any occasion.

This is me

“A gin made to gin lovers. Intense, aromatic and with spicy aromas”. Circus Gin “This Is Me” is a spicy and aromatic small batch gin, which with its light freshness as well as round and soft body - gives a delicate and tasteful gin tonic or as an ingredient in a cocktail, where it provides an elegant taste of cardamom, juniper, black pepper, lime and vanilla.